Lead the change you want to see in the world.

Pamela has a clear vision. A vision of collaboration that embraces the diversity of thought to tap into the collective knowledge and wisdom that humanity offers.

She is a seasoned Strategic Leadership Expert with over 19 years of experience working in Strategy and Project Management, heading teams at leading organisations across Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America.

She has managed complex engineering projects and profit & loss responsibility of over $100 million with a team of over 100 people.

One aspect that always intrigued her was the low representation of women in management positions, particularly in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). As a firm believer in the philosophy “Be the change you want to see in the world”, shared by Mahatma Gandhi, she committed herself to assist women in their professional journey.

In 2021, Pamela created Women Leading In STEM – an organisation dedicated to supporting women to elevate their leadership profile. Women in STEM often lack role models to help them develop their authentic leadership style, a gap her program seeks to fill.

Pamela is a certified YouMap® Coach and applies this holistic career assessment framework – which won the 2020 Career Innovator Award – to help professionals uncover their unique qualities.

Understanding first-hand the challenges women in STEM face, Pamela has designed a tailored program that helps female professionals to elevate their skills. A highlight of her transformational program is how Pamela assists women in enhancing their authentic confidence and leadership style to make a visible impact.

The insights and learnings her clients gain during the leadership and career coaching program are described as “life-changing” and propel women’s vision to lead while leveraging their individual strengths, values, skills and personality.

Pamela is a thought leader who continuously shares the latest insights in webinars, keynote presentations, articles, podcasts and her Community Women Leading in STEM.

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