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Pamela Kellert
Get ready to accelerate your career

  • Why you need to be more strategic in 2022
  • Key skills necessary to grow your career to a senior management role

Be Strategic

Karin von Kienlin
The fundamentals of developing a growth strategy

  • Understand what drives growth and the elements to consider when designing a growth strategy
  • Alternative paths for corporate growth
  • Key initiatives for your own growth: Career opportunities at L.E.K. Consulting

Renuka Sabaratnam
Why are strategic partners essential?

  • Learn why partnerships are critical
  • Understand the success factors for strategic partnerships
  • Considerations for your leadership style

Be Heard

Omozua Isiramen
Understand how to make yourself heard

  • Be aware of how the brain works and how it triggers reactions in humans
  • Understand these triggers to manage them when communicating with others
  • How can you leverage insights from neuroscience to become a better leader?

Mary Henderson
How to position yourself as a thought leader and stand out

  • Why personal branding is an important element of future-proofing your career
  • Understand your persona – what are your skills, expertise, natural talents and values?
  • Examples of how to build your brand by actively positioning your expertise as a thought leader

Be connected

Tamar Nelson
Discover and leverage the hidden value of networking

  • Uncover the hidden value of networking within the organisation
  • What to consider when aligning formal and informal networks?
  • How can you develop your own internal network?

Gina Riley
Accelerate your career with the habit of expanding and nourishing your network

  • Explore the habit of successful professionals creating a strong network
  • Learn how you can nourish relationships, even in a remote work environment
  • Best practices on how to develop new connections


Pamela Kellert
Takeaways and staying connected

  • Maximise the learnings from this summit
  • Ways to stay connected to continue the dialogue


Pamela Kellert, Germany

Pamela Kellert is a seasoned Strategic Leadership Expert with over 15 years’ experience working in Strategy, Business Development, and Project Delivery to head diverse teams at leading organisations across Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. Her specialisation in strategy has allowed Pamela to drive critical topics at the senior management level.

Pamela has a Master’s Degree in International Business Administration and spent most of her career in the heavy machinery and mobility sector, where she managed Profit and Loss Responsibility through roles in Project Management. Her responsibility included delivering complex engineering projects in the rail industry in Malaysia and Australia worth over $100 million and with over 100 employees.

As a thought leader in the mobility and transport infrastructure sector, Pamela advocates for a more gender-balanced industry and coaches female professionals in STEM sectors.

Pamela created a systemised online coaching program to help women acquire strategic non-technical skills that will help accelerate their careers to transition into senior leadership roles.

Karin von Kienlin, Germany

Karin is a Senior Partner in L.E.K. Consulting’s Munich office. She is the Head of L.E.K. Germany and Member of the Global Board at L.E.K. Consulting.

She has more than 25 years’ experience in growth strategy development and implementation, having worked for a diverse range of clients across Europe, North America and Asia.

Sector-wise, Karin has been working with clients in machine manufacturing and technology, building products, packaging, and automotive to identify priorities for profitable growth, and to support organisational change and mergers & acquisitions to make them happen. This includes, for example, buy-and-build projects, acquisition target screening, commercial due diligence, marketing and sales planning, and organisational strategy projects.

Karin holds a Master of Arts in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Brasenose College, Oxford University.

Renuka Sabaratnam, Australia

Renuka has 24 years’ experience working across a number of construction sectors – Rail, Road, Telecommunications and Water, successfully helping teams deliver high-performance results.

She has held leadership roles including General Manager Strategic Development and Rail Services, Group Manager Business Sustainability, and senior management of support service functions such as HSE and brings extensive management and governance experience that supports customers in achieving value for money outcomes. 

Her passion is creating thinking environments, fostering a caring culture and long-term relationships, as they are key elements for any individual or business success.

Omozua Ameze Isiramen, Luxembourg

Omozua is the Founder of CWO Solutions- Executive Coaching with Omozua, Co-Founder of the Systemic Neuroscience Consulting Group and Co-Creator of the 3-to-5 BrainSystem Code.

In her work as a Certified High-Performance Brain & Neuro Agility Trainer; Executive Intelligent Leadership and Neuroscience Coach, she uses emotional mastery, neuro agility and neuroscience-based approaches to empower & prepare clients’ hearts & heads to take the journey from where they are to where they want to be by bravely accessing and optimizing their limitless brain potential. Besides her work, she describes herself as an Orchid buff, appreciates colouring Mandalas and listening to Jazz and Blues.

Her love for people enhancement and performance optimization stems from her educational, managerial, training background and work experience from collaboration with experts of different levels and from different industries and fields. This is where she identified that every resourceful thing one can be, do and achieve is only then possible when we are CEOs of the Brain.

Today, she is on a mission to contribute to a world with brain-friendly leaders and more humanness, she works with executives, (aspiring) leaders and entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, teams and organisations to help them drive greatness from within as Neuroleaders that impact for the greater good, with clarity, confidence and courage. 

Mary Henderson, Australia

Mary is an internationally recognised Personal Branding & Online Business Specialist. She helps Industry Experts systemise, digitalise and commercialise their knowledge, wisdom and skills into a scalable & profitable online business and brand so they become an authority in their niche.

Mary has over 20 years’ experience building 7 & 8 figure businesses & building high-performance sales teams in the IT sector and 15 years delivering online solutions for large and small businesses. She has been featured in many publications and is regarded a thought leader in the Digital sector .

Mary’s point of difference is her Personal Branding technology, a SaaS Platform that has the ability to define a person’s brand essence with precision that can be applied across all communication touchpoints . When you engage Mary, you access 39,000+ hours of knowledge, wisdom and experience in Personal Branding, client profiling, lead generation strategies, online course development, sales leadership, content development and digital acumen.

Mary embraces technology and social media in a big way and her followers are growing daily. She is a heart centred, compassionate and tenacious entrepreneur who thrives on human transformation and witnessing people fulfil their dreams.

Tamar Nelson, PE, Jamaica

Tamar presently serves as the Chief Technical Director of the Jamaica Productivity Centre. She holds a MSc. in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the Rochester Institute in New York. She also holds a BSc. in Industrial Engineering from the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and is a Certified Lean Six Sigma Sensei (CLSSS), a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) as well as a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and a Professional Engineer (PE).

With over 20 years’ experience working in both the public and private sector as a business process/improvement consultant, she has developed and delivered several improvement interventions which also include energy solutions and training programs in productivity improvement based on LEAN/Six Sigma principles both locally and internationally to over 250 organizations. Her experience also includes Training and Facilitation, Logistics, Engineering and Project Management, Energy Conservation and Management, Business Process Analysis and Reengineering, Inventory Control, Strategic Planning and Warehouse Management to name a few.

Throughout her work life she has enjoyed influencing policy and the implementation of solutions regarding growth, sustainability, and innovation. She has founded and hosts The COO’s Corner Podcast, the podcast exploring success factors in the world of business operations.

Gina Riley, U.S.A.

Gina is a Human Resources professional and career transition expert who sits at the powerful convergence between Career Coaching, Executive Search, and Interview Skills Training. Gina brings over 25 years of experience from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, is a certified YouMap® coach, and has a Master’s degree in Whole Systems Design.

She is the creator of the Career Velocity System™ – a comprehensive solution that helps leaders and executives map out a transition strategy to last throughout their careers. Her unique approach helps leaders showcase themselves as a “Business Solution” and as authoritative problem solvers by “connecting familiar dots in new ways” and “pulling back the curtain” to share unseen processes and unheard conversations from an executive recruiter’s perspective.