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RISE TM Leadership Program

There is a unique leader within you!

I believe you were drawn to this page for a reason.

You have developed excellent skills and are ready for a leadership role.

Or you might already be in a leadership role and noticed that leadership is somehow different for women, and you need some guidance.

You are looking for role models to learn from.

As you look around, there aren’t many role models you can relate to or have access to.

So you start to wonder where to get the support you need to help you on your individual leadership journey.

There are limitless possibilities once you develop authentic confidence and effective leadership skills.

You’ve probably noticed that grounded leaders have unshakeable confidence. This builds their resilience to lead effectively, even through uncertain times.

They leverage their unique qualities and combine them with leadership skills that lead to critical results. That is how they get noticed, seen and heard.

Join me in my 12-week program, and together we will elevate your leadership skills, confidence and impact.

Pamela Kellert

“I received coaching from Pamela during a time when I was feeling professionally stagnant. Her guidance helped me to have a clearer understanding of my potential and to make adjustments to my work life. With her insights, I was able to gain completely new perspectives and take a significant step forward in my career, as well as other areas of my life.”
Manager, Germany

What is holding you back from elevating your leadership and career?

“I don’t have

You’ll notice that the skills most critical to success in a leadership role go beyond the typical curriculum at university. 

You might currently be busy with your day-to-day tasks at work and in your private life. But think about the goals that you want to reach long-term. What’s the cost of the opportunities you’re missing if you don’t work on your leadership profile now?

Our RISETM program is designed to boost your skills, confidence and impact within only 12 weeks. By investing your time now, you’ll be able to manage your workload more effectively and be able to create new career opportunities.

“I can learn everything on my own”

You undeniably have a strong learning background.

But you can’t learn to swim by reading about it. Leadership is no different. You can’t learn to lead effectively without interaction and feedback.

Especially when it comes to developing your authentic confidence, you need feedback and interaction to leverage your individual traits.

With a seasoned leadership expert, you’ll be guided directly towards the relevant skills without having to work that out for yourself. That way, you can benefit from live feedback to see where you need to focus your efforts.

“I don’t know what training I need!”

Stepping up our game as a leader encompasses several skills. Particularly for women, as we still work in a society and work environment that holds certain expectations of us.

The truth is that female leaders require a holistic approach going beyond their functional expertise. They need to be able to act with authentic confidence, lead effectively, develop strategies to obtain buy-in for their ideas and have the gravitas to make a visible impact.

Our RISETM program provides condensed training on those critical areas, so you no longer lose precious time wondering how to prepare for your next career step.

“I had the pleasure of collaborating with Pamela to understand better my professional profile and how to leverage my strengths. Her guidance gave me clarity on the unique value that I bring to organisations and the type of work environment in which I excel. These insights gave me a new sense of confidence during job interviews, as I was able to communicate my value proposition with clarity and authenticity. I am grateful for the groundbreaking insights I gained from working with Pamela, and I know that they will continue to guide me in my professional future.”
B2B Process Owner, E-Commerce

RISETM helps you elevate your leadership profile in just 12 weeks.

From the moment you join, you’ll start to feel inspired by a new vision for yourself.

That’s because, within the first few weeks, you will already gain tremendous clarity.
Throughout the program, we will build all the elements that will complement your skills profile.

I’ve designed the RISETM program in five modules to help you elevate your leadership profile:

What to Expect


12 weeks


45 min per week

Live Group Calls

90 min live coaching
Weekly via Zoom

Who is The RISETM Leadership Program for?

Our program has been designed for a variety of participants:

How is RISETM different from other programs?

Most leadership programs – even those at incredibly successful companies – tend to focus on leadership in general.

They don’t dive deep into the aspects that are different for women. The work environments in STEM do have dynamics that pose challenges for female leaders. While these are changing, we acknowledge that this societal change still takes time. By helping women understand these dynamics, RISETM addresses the questions women have and provides solutions so they can lead effectively.

“With warmth and significant expertise, Pamela supported me to attain the right context and strategy that I needed to succeed in my new role. Her encouragement and guidance allowed me to discover my unique contributions, giving me the confidence to build strong and lasting networks in a short period of time. Thank you, Pamela.”
Erin Thomas, Communications, Aurora

“Is RISETM the best investment for me?”

That’s an excellent question! As you’d expect, RISETM is an investment in yourself.
So it’s important to be honest with yourself about whether it’s right for you:

RISETM isn’t your
best move IF:

But it’s DEFINITELY the right move for you IF:

It’s time to let your leadership talent flourish and
gain the recognition you deserve.

You’ve come this far because you’re ready to give yourself what you need.

Right now, you have a choice to make.

You can keep working in isolation and with little support. Or you can choose to take a transformational journey that will lift your aspirations to a new level.

Don’t wait any longer to give your talent and aspirations the platform to flourish.

Book a call with me to explore if this program is right for you and to pre-register.

It’s time for you to lead the change you want to see in the world!